Maundy Thursdday 2016


We have chosen this day to pause in our busy lives and remember that night when Jesus gathered his apostles to celebrate the Jewish Passover before His death.  The Passover itself was a feast commanded by God so that the Israelites would not forget that God had delivered them out of bondage in Egypt (Exodus 12).


Specifically, the Israelites were to teach their children the meaning of the feast, so that each generation would understand God’s love, grace and power.  Similarly, as Christians, we celebrate special times like Maundy Thursday to remind ourselves and teach our children and community about God’s love, grace and power because God delivered us from the bondage of sin through His son Jesus.


Jesus had spent three years with His disciples trying to prepare them for the events to come and their role in spreading the gospel.  On the night before His betrayal, John(13:1-17) tells us that Jesus washed His apostles feet.  Because of this, we are reminded of the importance of serving each other.  Matthew (26:17-29), Mark (14:12-25), and Luke (22:1-11) also tell us that He commanded them to remember the gift of His body and blood by partaking of the bread and cup.  As we participate in the service tonight, let us again remember Christ’s commands to us as we follow Him and serve as His tools in spreading the Gospel.


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