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Adult Choir

The choir at HMUMC helps lead

us in worship each Sunday. 

Whether singing a hymn together

with the congregation or performing

a special anthem, the choir helps

us focus our hearts on the Lord in

worship and thanksgiving. 

There are so many ways to

experience the Lord's presence,

and some things seem to best be

expressed through music!


The choir rehearses each week, usually on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Choir Room.  For the latest practice schedule, please see the monthly newsletter here.



What the choir means to me...


"Choir rehearsals are always refreshing and uplifting to me, a time of not only learning the notes of the music, but, more importantly, as our choir director Ben Gunter emphasizes, it's a time of learning how tosing the messages of our hymns and songs with meaning and joy. Rehearsals also a time of fellowship salted with laughter, a time of sharing prayer concerns, a time begun and ended in down-to-earth prayer.   Singing with the choir during the worship service is also a time of singing with all our hearts to and about our Lord, as His Spirit sings with us and through us, magnifying our voices. (This is awesome to me.)  It means a lot to me also, that the hymns, songs and anthems are all selected to underscore the Scripture and sermon topic for each worship  service.


One more thing - I'm grateful that choir members do not have to be able to read music. All we need to do is just "make a joyful noise," carrying the tune as much as possible."

Joanne Hand

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